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Who is Zari Hassan? Who is Zari dating? Age, past relationships, hip size, net worth..

# Zari Hassan commonly known as ‘the boss lady’ is a Ugandan female entrepreneur and musician.


# She was born on 23rd September 1980 in Jinja, Uganda.



# The boss lady attended Jinja Girls High school and later relocated to London for a diploma in cosmetology.


# Zari Hassan started singing way back during her primary school days. We are told she used to participate excellently during school concerts.


# She was also active in Jinja Girls High school music groups.


# Released her first single in 2017. “Oliwange’ which got nominated as ‘best East African Video of the year ‘ in the channel O awards.


# The late Ivan Semwanga was Zari Hassan’s first husband. She divorced him and went on with Diamond Platinum, who she also divorced early this year.


Who is Zari Hassan dating?

We are sure you would like to know who the boss lady is currently dating. Well, we don’t have any information about her current relationship status.


What is Zari Hassan’s net worth?

We don’t have any information about Zari Hassan’s net worth.




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